Thermochromic pigment

Thermochromic pigment

The internal structure of thermochromic powder changes as it is heated, result in color changing or fading, When the temperature goes down, the internal structure of powder is restored and the color is restored accordingly.

Thermochromic pigment is a kind of micro capsules powder that enwraps thermal pigment, the colors of thermal pigment will change according to temperature, thermal pigment has high environment sensitiveness, micro capsules technology helps to supply reliable stability and durability, realize its widely applications in Leather, Textiles, Paints, Plastics and cosmetics industries.

As the rich colors and controllable color changing temperature range, thermochromic pigment can create various color effects on our products, bring more fun and added value.

TCS series: Color decrease when temperature increase

TCT series: Two stages color changing

TCM series: Multi-stages color changing

Application suggestion:
Average particle size: 3-10um, moisture contect ≦3%  
Good solvent resistance and dispersibility  
Dosage of oil/water base paint & ink : 5% - 30%, avoid mixture with extremely strong solvents such as methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol,
acetone, butanone
Dosage of plastic injection & extrusion: 0.1% - 5%, avoid above 230
oC process temperature.